E-Voting Machine Co. Docs. on Product Flaws Published on Web

by Sabrina I. Pacifici on November 14, 2003

An EFF advisory addresses a legal challenge (initiated by two Swarthmore students, an ISP and a privacy group) in response to cease and desist orders issued by an electronic voting machine manufacturer. These orders were in response to the publication on the web of some 13,000 pages of internal corporate documents which included extensive discussion of equipment flaws. The manufacturer, Diebold Systems, Inc. is one of the country’s largest suppliers of touch screening voting technology, with 33,000 of their machines in use in 37 states.

  • From the Baltimore Sun, November 13: “Dr. Aviel D. Rubin, the technical director of Hopkins’ Information Security Institute, who identified security lapses in the voting system Maryland is adopting took his warnings to Annapolis Thursday, telling legislators he has no confidence the flaws are being fixed.”
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