E-Voting Not Ready for Prime Time

by Sabrina I. Pacifici on December 3, 2003

Dr. Avi Rubin of the Johns Hopkins’ Information Security Institute gave the keynote today, Electronic Voting: A case study of how closed systems fail, at the Secure Trusted Operating System Consortium Symposium underway at George Washington University. Dr. Rubin’s research identified critical security flaws in e-voting machine manufacturer Diebold Inc.’s software. The company announced this past July that it was awarded a $55.6m contract by the state of Maryland for its touch screen voting technology and related support services.

  • According to Dr. Rubin, “In order for democracy to work, people need to have confidence in the election system.” [Link]
  • See also Diebold Withdraws Lawsuit Over E-Voting Machine Documents and Why the Current Touch Screen Voting Fiasco Was Pretty Much Inevitable.
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