EFF Resources on Super DMCA

by Sabrina I. Pacifici on April 15, 2003

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), has published an analysis and a group of very useful resources on the so-called Super DMCA legislation that is under consideration in state legislatures around the country. See their press release here, and the following links:

  • State “Super-DMCA” Legislation: MPAA’s Stealth Attack on Your Living Room
  • State-Level “Super DMCA” Initiatives Archive
  • EFF Resources on S-DMCA Legislation
  • MPAA “Model Legislation
  • Affected States
  • Other Resources (including Ed Felten’s archive of Super DMCA legislation and sources
  • ).
    See also this red-lined version of the MPAA Model State “super DMCA” Bill (April 4, 2003 draft), and from Public knowledge, via Politechbot, A Brief Analysis of the “Super DMCA” (The Draft Model Communications Act).

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