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EIA: Bahrain Country Analysis Brief

Bahrain Country Analysis Brief, Mar 23, 2011: “Despite its relatively low volumes of oil production, Bahrain’s oil sector accounts for about 70 percent of total government revenues. The country’s exports are mainly in the form of refined petroleum products rather than crude oil. Bahrain’s proven oil reserves stood at 125 million barrels as of January 2011, according to Oil and Gas Journal, all of which are located in the Awali field. In addition to the 46,000 barrels per day (bbl/d) produced in its territory, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia share the 300,000 bbl/d of oil production from the offshore Abu Safah field. This figure is counted in Saudi oil production figures, but half of the output is allocated to Bahrain. For an analysis of Bahrain’s energy sector, please see our updated Country Analysis Brief.”

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