EIA: Quarterly Coal Report, Natural Gas Production Data, Market Assessment of Planned Refinery Outages, Green Pricing and Net Metering Programs

by Sabrina I. Pacifici on April 12, 2009

  • Federal Register notice: Financial Reporting System (04/10/2009): “Attached is a Federal Register notice for the Energy Information Administration’s Financial Reporting System. Comments are due by June 8, 2009.”

  • EIA’s Natural Gas Production Data (04/09/2009): “This special report examines the stages of natural gas processing from the wellhead to the pipeline network through which the raw product becomes ready for transportation and eventual consumption, and how this sequence is reflected in the data published by the Energy Information Administration (EIA). The discussion will be helpful to users of the data published by EIA in the Natural Gas Annual and Natural Gas Monthly, in particular, and industry analysts interested in gaining a better understanding of the production process.”
  • Natural Gas Residential Choice Programs (04/08/2009): “This site provides an overview of the status of natural gas industry restructuring in each state, focusing on the residential customer class. (Status by State as of December 2008)”
  • Quarterly Coal Report (QCR) – 4th Quarter 2008 (04/08/2009): Provides detailed quarterly coal data for October-December 2008 and aggregated quarterly historical coal data for 2002 through 4th Quarter 2008. All data for 2007 and prior years are final. All data for 2008 are preliminary. View an on-line summary of the publication.”
  • Market Assessment of Planned Refinery Outages (04/08/2009): “This report reviews planned U.S. refinery outages from March 2009 though June 2009 in order to identify any regions where outages might create enough supply pressure to impact prices significantly.”
  • Green Pricing and Net Metering Programs (04/07/2009): This report provides detailed information on the number of electric industry participants and their customers in these programs for 2007. The number of green pricing customers in 2007 was more than 800,000 nationwide, while the number of net metering customers was nearly 50,000.”

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