European Innovation Scoreboard 2008: Summary of the situation in the 27 Member States

by Sabrina I. Pacifici on January 26, 2009

This memo provides a synopsis of the innovation performance of the different Member States, as measured in the European Innovation Scoreboard 2008 (EIS). Commissioned by the Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry of the European Commission, the European Innovation Scoreboard is prepared by the Maastricht Economic and social Research and training centre on Innovation and Technology (MERIT), assisted by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission.

As part of the EU Innovation Policy, the EIS provides since 2001 an annual assessment of innovation performance across the EU. The 2008 report further improves the methodology with a revised set of indicators which give more importance to service sectors, non-technological innovation and innovation outputs. Overall innovation performance is calculated on the basis of 29 indicators covering seven dimensions of innovation, which are grouped in three main blocks, covering enablers, firm activities and outputs…”

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