Federal Program Inventory

by Sabrina I. Pacifici on June 1, 2013

“Federal agencies regularly report program information to the public – through their websites, congressional budget justifications, the Catalogue of Federal Domestic Assistance, and other means. But this information is often decentralized. Congress recognized this issue, and the GPRA Modernization Act required an inventory of government programs. Starting with the largest agencies first, the Administration is taking steps towards centralizing program information on Performance.gov. This work will help facilitate coordination across programs as well as improve public understanding of the services delivered by the government. Agencies talk about their programs differently – such as budget accounts, customers, products/services, outcomes and organizational units – but each way resonates with their key stakeholders, including the public and Congress. [Here] is a list of the major agency’s programs, an explanation of what the program does, and how it helps the agency achieve its broader goals and objectives. Moving forward, Performance.gov will be expanded so users can search and sort by program. We’ll also add more information about each program, such as the related grants and funding.”

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