FTC Announces Settlement of Action Against Data Brokers Reed Elsevier and Seisint for Failing to Provide Adequate Security for Consumers' Data

by Sabrina I. Pacifici on March 27, 2008

News release: “In the FTC’s action against data brokers Reed Elsevier (REI) and Seisint, the complaint alleges that REI – through its LexisNexis data broker business – and Seisint collect and store in databases information about millions of consumers, including names, current and prior addresses, dates of birth, drivers license numbers and Social Security numbers. They obtain information about consumers from credit reporting agencies and other sources, and sell products customers use online to find and retrieve the information from their databases. The companies relied on user IDs and passwords (or “user credentials”) to control customer access to consumer information in their databases.”

  • In the Matter of Reed Elsevier Inc. and Seisint, Inc., FTC File No. 052-3094
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