Global Poll Ranks Media More Trustworthy Than Governments

by Sabrina I. Pacifici on May 18, 2006

BBC Poll, Trust in Media press release: “More people trust the media than their governments, especially in developing countries, according to a ten-country opinion poll for the BBC, Reuters, and The Media Center.” [thanks to D.C.]

  • “National TV was the most trusted news source overall (trusted by 82%, with 16% not trusting it) – followed by national/regional newspapers (75% vs 19%), local newspapers (69% vs 23%), public radio (67% vs 18%), and international satellite TV (56% vs 19%). Internet blogs were the least trusted source (25% vs 23%) – with one in two unable to say whether they trusted them.”
  • BBC/Reuters/Media Center Poll, Trust in Media (22 pages, PDF), May 3, 2006
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