Government Fleet Cost to Taxpayers In Excess of 3 Billion for 2007

by Sabrina I. Pacifici on August 3, 2008

AP report, July 31, 2008: “While Cabinet and other officials say they need the vehicles to do their jobs, watchdogs say mismanagement of the government fleet is costing millions of dollars a year in wasteful spending.”

Federal Fleet Report for Fiscal Year 2007, January 31, 2008 [Word doc.]: “Federal departments, agencies, and their contractors use motor vehicles to perform their missions. These vehicles, totaling more than 642,000 for Fiscal Year 2007, are obtained from three primary sources: agency purchase, lease from the GSA Fleet Program, or commercial lease. This report presents inventory, utilization, costs, and fuel use associated with the Federal motor vehicle fleet.” [Note: Congressional vehicle reporting is not included.]

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