International Day for Disaster Reduction: October 10, 2007

by Sabrina I. Pacifici on October 10, 2007

UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction, “Nearly three years ago, Governments adopted the Hyogo Framework — a plan of action to reduce our collective vulnerability to natural hazards. Today, as we commemorate World Disaster Reduction Day, recent calamities around the world — including floods, storms, and droughts — continue to remind us of the devastating effects of natural hazards,as well as the potentially harmful effects of a warming planet. The need to engage fully in disaster risk reduction has never been more pressing. Disaster risk reduction is about stronger building codes, sound land use planning, better early warning systems, environmental management and evacuation plans and, above all, education. It is about making communities and individuals aware of their risk to natural hazards and how they can reduce their vulnerability.”

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