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Library of Congress: How Does Law Protect in War?

How Does Law Protect in War? Cases, Documents and Teaching Materials on Contemporary Practice in International Humanitarian Law by Marco Sassòli and Antoine A. Bouvier, in co-operation with Susan Carr, Lindsey Cameron and Thomas de Saint Maurice, Geneva, 2006 (Second Edition). Volume I: Outline of International Humanitarian Law Possible Teaching Outlines and Volume II: Cases and Document.

  • “This reference work, published by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), is intended to serve both the university community and law practitioners, and broadly reaches out to students and faculties in law, journalism and political science, as well as members of the judiciary. It was first published in 1999 in English and then in 2003 in a revised French edition. In 2006, incorporating material from the revised French edition, the work was further revised and updated, expanded, and published as a two-volume work divided into three parts. This second edition presents more than 230 cases, eleven possible teaching outlines, and provides a comprehensive outline of International Humanitarian Law (IHL).”
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