More on RIAA Lawsuits Against Students for File Sharing

by Sabrina I. Pacifici on April 4, 2003

As a follow-up to my posting yesterday on the lawsuits against four college students filed by the RIAA, this article provides further details. The RIAA is seeking $150,000 for each of the music files allegedly copied by the named students. Officials from Princeton and the Michigan Technological University registered their displeasure with the charges as in effect undermining their institution’s efforts to combat piracy. See also this article from that names the students and indicates that the LANs run by them “offered up more than 1 million song files in violation of copyright law.”
From FindLaw, here are links to the complaints, in PDF, all of which were filed on April 3: Atlantic Record Corp. v. Daniel Peng; Atlantic Record Corp. v. Jesse Jordan; Atlantic Record Corp. v. Aaron Sherman; and Atlantic Record Corp. v. Joseph Nievelt.

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