Net Censorship Abroad – Free Speech Colides With E-commerce?

by Sabrina I. Pacifici on February 11, 2006

Follow-up to February 2, 2006 posting, Hearing Focuses on Internet Censorship in China, this WSJ free feature today: Internet Censorship – Web Firms Face Grilling on China.
Related news:

  • New York Times, So Long, Dalai Lama: Google Adapts to China – “Google’s local staff works closely with Chinese officials to ensure that search results from do not include information, images or links to Web sites that the government does not want its people to see.”
  • Reuters: Fresh US outrage ahead of China Internet hearings – “U.S. Internet companies faced bipartisan criticism in the Congress on Thursday amid a rising controversy over Yahoo Inc.’s alleged role in the Chinese government’s imprisonment of a second dissident.”
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