New GAO Reports – Tax Debt Collection, Tax Gap, Climate Change, Drug Safety, FAA, Respite Care

by Sabrina I. Pacifici on October 26, 2010

  • Tax Debt Collection: IRS Could Improve Future Studies by Establishing Appropriate Guidance, GAO-10-963, September 24, 2010

  • Tax Gap: IRS Can Improve Efforts to Address Tax Evasion by Networks of Businesses and Related Entities, GAO-10-968, September 24, 2010
  • Climate Change: A Coordinated Strategy Could Focus Federal Geoengineering Research and Inform Governance Efforts, GAO-10-903, September 23, 2010
  • Drug Safety: FDA Has Conducted More Foreign Inspections and Begun to Improve Its Information on Foreign Establishments, but More Progress Is Needed, GAO-10-961, September 30, 2010
  • Food and Drug Administration: Overseas Offices Have Taken Steps to Help Ensure Import Safety, but More Long-Term Planning Is Needed, GAO-10-960, September 30, 2010
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection: DHS Efforts to Assess and Promote Resiliency Are Evolving but Program Management Could Be Strengthened, GAO-10-772, September 23, 2010

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