New GAO Reports: Weapon Systems Acquisition, FAA Reauthorization

by Sabrina I. Pacifici on February 11, 2009

  • Defense Management: Actions Needed to Overcome Long-standing Challenges with Weapon Systems Acquisition and Service Contract Management, GAO-09-362T, February 11, 2009: “Several underlying systemic problems at the strategic level and at the program level continue to contribute to poor weapon systems acquisition. The total acquisition cost of DOD’s 2007 portfolio of major programs has grown by 26 percent over initial estimates. At the strategic level, DOD does not prioritize weapon system investments, and its processes for matching warfighter needs with resources are fragmented and broken.”

  • National Airspace System: FAA Reauthorization Issues are Critical to System Transformation and Operations, GAO-09-377T, February 11, 2009: “…this statement discusses issues for the
    reauthorization of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The
    aviation industry is in a period of economic turmoil and faces an
    uncertain future. At the same time, FAA is undertaking one of its most ambitious efforts ever to transform the nation’s air traffic control system. The reauthorization of FAA provides an opportunity for Congress and FAA to focus on several key issues to improve the national airspace system.

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