New on for April 2007

by Sabrina I. Pacifici on April 30, 2007

  • Gadgets, Gadgets, Gadgets!, by Barbara Fullerton, Sabrina I. Pacifici and Aaron Schmidt
  • The Government Domain: Tracking Federal Dollars, by Peggy Garvin
  • Legal Protection of Cultural Property: A Selective Resource Guide, by Louise Tsang
  • Reference from Coast to Coast: Stalking and Finding the Full-Text Article, by Jan Bissett and Margi Heinen
  • CongressLine by – Reporting on Congress, by Paul Jenks
  • E-Discovery Update: Recognizing Hidden Logistical Bottlenecks in E-Discovery, by Conrad J. Jacoby
  • FOIA Facts: Are Ombudsman The Answer? by Scott A. Hodes
  • Burney’s Legal Tech Reviews – A Terrific Digital Rolodex and Verizon Broadband Wireless Modem, by Brett Burney
  • FOIA – Social Security Administration presentations
  • After Hours: Move Over, Spinach: Chocolate to the Rescue!
  • by Kathy Biehl

  • A Cup of Creativi-tea: Resources, by Terri Wilson
  • Commentary on Presidential Recess Appointments, by
    Beth Wellington
  • LLRX Court Rules, Forms, and Dockets: the unique, free searchable database, maintained and continually updated by Margaret Berkland
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