New Pew Internet Study Details Negative Impact of Spam

by Sabrina I. Pacifici on October 23, 2003

From the Pew Internet Project, a new report released October 22, Spam: How it is hurting email and degrading life on the Internet:

  • “Spam is beginning to undermine the integrity of email and degrade life online. The huge increase in email spam in recent years is beginning to take its toll on the online world. Some email users say they are using electronic mail less now because of spam. More people are reporting they trust the online environment less. Increasing numbers are saying that they fear they cannot retrieve the emails they need because of the flood of spam. They also worry that their important emails to others are not being read or received because the recipients’ filters might screen them out or the emails might get lost in the rising tide of junk filling people’s inboxes.”
  • See also this related New York Times article: A Change of Habits to Elude Spam’s Pall:
    “With In boxes deluged, e-mail users are taking evasive action. Sometimes they just pick up a phone.”
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