New Report to ABA Addresses Crisis Within Immigration Removal System

by Sabrina I. Pacifici on February 2, 2010

News release: “Painting a picture of an overwhelmed immigration court system choked by an “exploding” caseload and an “exponential” increase in outside pressures, a report submitted to the American Bar Association has the ABA considering a host of policy reforms affecting the adjudication system for determining whether to remove noncitizens from the United States. The new report, “Reforming the Immigration System: Proposals to Promote Independence, Fairness, Efficiency, and Professionalism in the Adjudication of Removal Cases” was prepared pro bono by the law firm of Arnold & Porter LLP. The report represents the opinions of the authors and editors and should not be construed to be those of either the American Bar Association or the ABA’s Commission on Immigration unless and until adopted pursuant to the bylaws of the association. They are set to come to a vote next week. The nearly 500-page report examines each stage of the immigration removal adjudication system and makes some 60 recommendations for incremental and systemic reform. Designed as a tool for policymakers considering legislative and administrative changes to the immigration system, the study identifies concerns ranging from internal Department of Homeland Security practices to systemic weaknesses within the court’s current structure.”

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