News on Increasing E-Gov’t Surveillance

by Sabrina I. Pacifici on May 27, 2004

  • Govt Computer Surveillance Rings Alarm Bells
  • Survey Finds U.S. Agencies Engaged in ‘Data Mining’: See the following report, issued today by the GAO – Data Mining: Federal Efforts Cover a Wide Range of Uses. GAO-04-548, May 4. Highlights. “Our survey of 128 federal departments and agencies on their use of data mining shows that 52 agencies are using or are planning to use data mining. These departments and agencies reported 199 data mining efforts, of which 68 are planned and 131 are operational. The figure here shows the most common uses of data mining efforts as described by agencies. Of these uses, the Department of Defense reported the largest number of efforts aimed at improving service or performance, managing human resources, and analyzing intelligence and detecting terrorist activities.”
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