Non-Partisan Organization Promotes Self Regulation for Researchers to Ensure Open Access to Scientific Data

by Sabrina I. Pacifici on June 9, 2005

CSIS Commission Backs Open Dissemination of Unclassified Fundamental Research, June 9, 2005: “Self-regulation within the scientific community is an important aspect of achieving national security goals, according to a CSIS panel report on science and security. The report also rejects a proposal by the Commerce Department’s Inspector General that would have the effect of restricting participation of certain foreign nationals in unclassified research. The CSIS Commission on Scientific Communication and National Security also proposes that a senior group be established at universities and research institutions to assess and promote compliance with the various types of security controls that are applicable to research and other technical activity. Self-regulation “is an effective way to achieve the government’s underlying security goals,” the commission states in its report, “Security Controls on Scientific Information and the Conduct of Scientific Research” (25 pages, PDF).

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