Ohio Bill Seeks to Limit Public Access to Gov't Docs Online

by Sabrina I. Pacifici on April 25, 2003

Via an e-mail from Mary Alice Baish, AALL Washington Affairs Representative: “Thanks to a trio of very alert law librarians in Ohio, Billie J. Grey, Gail McCain and Al Podboy, for notifying us of a state bill, the Electronic Government Services Act (H.B. 145), that would prevent agencies from providing access to government information and services that are provided by two or more commercial entities…We are working together with them to energize and coordinate opposition to this egregious bill that flies in the face of government’s ability to use the Internet to improve public access to important information created and paid for by tax dollars.” See a copy of the Action Alert on this bill here. Mary Alice references this editorial from the Cleveland Plain Dealer opposing the bill: Don’t take public data private. See also Bill would limit information on state Web sites.

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