Online Source of Consolidated Acts and Regulations of Canada

by Sabrina I. Pacifici on June 24, 2007

Online Source of Consolidated Acts and Regulations of Canada: “Welcome to the Department of Justice’s new Laws Web site. This new site is the result of the conversion to a completely new technical environment for consolidating federal Acts and regulations. The new environment makes it possible to update the data more frequently than was possible in the past and to provide several new features. The site has also been reorganized to provide a consistent and intuitive navigation model.”
The new features include:

  • Point-in-time access to consolidated Acts and regulations
  • An advanced search engine that allows the use of complex search patterns, including word proximity and wildcard operators
  • Regulations listed alphabetically on the new ‘Regulations by Title’ page
  • Amendments “Not in Force” and “Related Provisions”
  • An alternative view of the data using frames
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