Outsourcing Legal Services Generates Listserv Traffic

by Sabrina I. Pacifici on January 21, 2004

By way of another update to my recent postings on outsourcing, the following information was shared today on the Law-Lib listserv:

  • The New Wave of Outsourcing by Ashok Deo Bardhan and Cynthia A. Kroll, Fisher Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics, University of California, Berkeley, Fall 2003 (via Saundra Kae Rubel, Privacy Law Analyst, Privacy Knowledge Base.
  • The Race to the Bottom: Why a Worldwide Worker Surplus and Uncontrolled Free Trade are Sinking American Living Standards (via Liz Doyle, Librarian, ASRC, Office of Regional Counsel, U.S. EPA Region 10).
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