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Passage of the Cybercrime Convention

Statement of Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales on the Passage of the Cybercrime Convention, August 6, 2006: “The Cybercrime Convention – the first of its kind – will be a key tool for the United States in fighting global, information-age crime. This treaty provides important tools in the battles against terrorism, attacks on computer networks, and the sexual exploitation of children over the Internet, by strengthening U.S. cooperation with foreign countries in obtaining electronic evidence. The Convention is in full accord with all U.S. constitutional protections, such as free speech and other civil liberties, and will require no change to U.S. laws.”

  • Convention on Cybercrime
  • Convention on Cybercrime – CETS No.: 185, Status as of August 4, 2006 – Treaty open for signature by the member States and the non-member States which have participated in its elaboration and for accession by other non-member States.
  • Senate ratifies controversial cybercrime treaty
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