Personal Prescription and Medical Data Widely Sold and Distributed

by Sabrina I. Pacifici on August 9, 2009

New York Times, And You Thought a Prescription Was Private : “…in fact, prescriptions, and all the information on them — including not only the name and dosage of the drug and the name and address of the doctor, but also the patient’s address and Social Security number — are a commodity bought and sold in a murky marketplace, often without the patients’ knowledge or permission…

  • See also CDT’s Health Privacy Project which states that the organization “will take on key policy questions, including: the proper role of notice and consent, the right of patients to access their own health records in electronic formats, identification and authentication, secondary uses, and enforcement mechanisms. It will address both the traditional exchange of records among providers and payers, as well as new consumer access services and Personal Health Records.”
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