Rand Report: Byting Back – Regaining Information Superiority Against 21st-Century Insurgents

by Sabrina I. Pacifici on November 7, 2007

Byting Back — Regaining Information Superiority Against 21st-Century Insurgents, RAND Counterinsurgency Study — Volume 1: “U.S. counterinsurgency efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan have failed to exploit information power, which could be a U.S. advantage but instead is being used advantageously by insurgents. Because insurgency and counterinsurgency involve a battle for the allegiance of a population between a government and an armed opposition movement, the key to exploiting information power is to connect with and learn from the population itself, increasing the effectiveness of both the local government and the U.S. military and civilian services engaged in supporting it. Utilizing mostly available networking technology, the United States could achieve early, affordable, and substantial gains in the effectiveness of counterinsurgency by more open, integrated, and inclusive information networking with the population, local authorities, and coalition partners.”

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