Reported Tuberculosis in the United States, 2012

by Sabrina I. Pacifici on October 18, 2013

Reported Tuberculosis in the United States, 2012

“Since 1953, in cooperation with state and local health departments, the United States national tuberculosis program has collected information on each newly reported case of tuberculosis (TB) disease in the United States. Currently, each individual TB case report (Report of Verified Case of Tuberculosis or RVCT) is submitted electronically. Following are the highlights of the 2012 report.

  1. Updated case counts for each year from 1993 through 2011.
  2. Case counts: 9,945 TB cases were reported to CDC from the 50 states and the District of Columbia (DC) for 2012, representing a 5.4% decrease from 2011 (Table 1).
    • Seventeen states reported increased case counts from 2011 (Table 30).
    • California, Texas, New York, and Florida accounted for 50% of the national case total (Table 31).
    • Asians exceeded all other racial or ethnic groups with the largest percentage of total cases (30%)(Table 2).
    • Hispanics comprise the second largest racial or ethnic group (28%) (Table 2).
    • Blacks or African Americans born in the United States represented 37% of TB cases in U.S.-born per­sons (Table 18) and accounted for 13% of the national case total.
    • Asians born outside the United States represented 45% of TB cases in foreign-born persons (Table 19) accounted for 29% of the national case total.”

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