Reports Substantiate WH Plan to Discredit Iraq War Critic Via Plame CIA Leak

by Sabrina I. Pacifici on April 9, 2006

Follow-up to April 7, 2006 posting, Plame Leak Controversy Focused on President With Release of New Info, see:

  • today’s Washington Post: Prosecutor Describes Cheney, Libby as Key Voices Pitching Iraq-Niger Story: “As he drew back the curtain this week on the evidence against Vice President Cheney’s former top aide, Special Counsel Patrick J. Fitzgerald for the first time described a “concerted action” by “multiple people in the White House” — using classified information — to “discredit, punish or seek revenge against” a critic of President Bush’s war in Iraq.”
  • WSJ free feature: Libby Prosecutor Outlines Effort At High Levels – Fitzgerald Aims to Show An Organized Plan Led To Leak of CIA Agent’s Name
  • Related news and documents:

  • UK Times Online: ‘Forgers’ of key Iraq war contract named, by Michael Smith – “Two employees of the Niger embassy in Rome were responsible for the forgery of a notorious set of documents used to help justify the Iraq war, an official investigation has allegedly found…The documents, which emerged in 2002, were used in a US State Department fact sheet on Iraq’s weapons programme to build the case for war. They were denounced as forgeries by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) shortly before the 2003 invasion.”
  • The Truth About Lewis “Scooter” Libby’s Statements to the Grand Jury Claiming the President Authorized a Leak of Classified Information: The President and Vice President Are Not In the Clear Yet, by John W. Dean
  • President Bush’s Comments on Leaks
  • Reaction to Bush Involvement in CIA Leak
  • Iraq Coalition Casualty Count
  • Specter: CIA Leak Roles Must Be Explained
  • New Yorker, Posted April 08, 2006: Would President Bush go to war to stop Tehran from getting the bomb?, by Seymour M. Hersh
  • National Priorities Project – Iraq War Costs Count (continuously updated, now in excess of $272 billion)
  • New York Times: U.S. Study Paints Somber Portrait of Iraqi Discord
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