Roberts Papers Missing From Reagan Library After Access by Gov’t Lawyers

by Sabrina I. Pacifici on August 17, 2005

From the Washington Post (reg. req’d), Library Missing Roberts File Papers Lost After Lawyers’ Review, states that an undisclosed number of pages from the files of Justice Roberts’ work pertaining to affirmative action during the 1980s have gone missing after they were reviewed last month by White House and DOJ attorneys.
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  • Related references on review of Judge Roberts government documents.
  • Leahy Presses For Release Of Roberts’s Documents From Reagan Library That Are Being Withheld: “I also request that you continue to investigate thoroughly the missing ‘Affirmative Action’ file from the August 15 release of papers, and to clarify the basis upon which you believe you have reconstructed that file. I ask to know whether you have relied only upon the notes taken by White House employees who had previously reviewed the file, or whether there is another, independent inventory or source of information that could better assure the Senate that what was originally in the file is the same as your reconstruction.”
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