Senate Commerce Committee Hearing on Spyware

by Sabrina I. Pacifici on May 11, 2005

Senate Commerce Committee on Spyware, May 11 2005

  • Witness Statements: Sen. Ron Wyden; Trevor Hughes, Executive Director, Network Advertising Initiative; David Moll, Chief Executive Officer, Webroot Software, Inc.; Ari Schwartz, Associate Director, Center for Democracy and Technology.
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  • Webroot State of Spyware Report: A report about the effects of spyware on enterprises and consumers
  • Adware Called Too Cozy With Spyware
  • “In testimony before the Senate Commerce Committee, CDT detailed the business arrangements behind the proliferation of stealth software installations and invasive applications online. CDT described how companies used a complex network of affiliate agreements to deflect accountability while raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars in ill-gotten gains. CDT also renewed its call for baseline online privacy legislation.” [Link]
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