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State of the Federal Web Report

State of the Federal Web Report, December 16, 2011. Produced by the .gov Reform Task Force

  • “This report presents a summary of data and findings about the state of Federal websites, collected as part of the .gov Reform Initiative. The report is intended to highlight—for the first time—the size and scope of websites in the Federal Executive Branch, how agencies are managing them, and opportunities for improvement. Though not a comprehensive assessment of every Federal Executive Branch website, this data provides a high-level overview and is the first step to more effectively collecting data to make better decisions about our Federal web operations. The .gov Reform Task Force and its partners will use this data to develop a Federal Web Strategy and create tools, best practices, and other resources that will make Federal websites more efficient and useful for citizens…The .gov Reform Initiative is part of the President Obama’s Campaign to Cut Waste and Executive Order 13571, Streamlining Service Delivery and Improving Customer Service, which call for agencies to improve customer service and manage their web operations more efficiently. Read more about the .gov Reform Initiative.”
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