Study Reveals One in 10 Respond to Fraudulent 'Phishing' Messages

by Sabrina I. Pacifici on November 7, 2006

Will Knight at New Scientist reports the research by Professor Markus Jakobsson and grad student Jacob Ratkiewicz, Indiana University, indicates “…one in 10 internet users may be lured into handing over sensitive personal information such as a credit card number, by fraudulent “phishing” emails…” and “that some survey participants may not have realised that they have been stung by a phishing scam, or may simply be too embarrassed to admit to it.”

  • Designing Ethical Phishing Experiments: A study of (ROT13) rOnl query features
  • See also Alex Tsow, Markus Jakobsson, Liu Yang, Susanne Wetzel.
    Warkitting: the Drive-by Subversion of Wireless Home Routers. Anti-Phishing and Online Fraud, Part II Journal of Digital Forensic Practice, Volume 1, Special Issue 3, November 2006
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