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The OpEd Project

“The Problem – The voices we hear from in the world come from a tiny fraction of society—mostly western, white, privileged, and overwhelmingly male. Men are: 80-90% of contributers to key opinion forums; 84% of T.V. pundits on Sunday morning talk shows; 85% of Hollywood producers; 83% of Congress. In short, public debate all but excludes half the population. The OpEd Project is an initiative to expand public debate, with an immediate emphasis on enlarging the pool of women experts who are accessing (and accessible to) our nation’s key print and online forums—which are a gateway into public debate, feed all other media, and are a hub of thought leadership. Since women currently do not submit op-eds with anywhere near the frequency that men do, we target and train women experts in all fields to write for the op-ed pages of major print and online forums of public discourse. We work with top universities, non-profits, corporations, women’s organizations and community leaders across the nation. We also offer seminars open to the public in major cities across the nation. Seminar participants are added to a database of women experts, connected with our community of writers and mentors, and go into a feeder system for op-ed, radio, television and other media venues.”

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