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The President’s Plan for Economic Growth and Deficit Reduction

Living Within Our Means and Investing in the Future – The President’s Plan for Economic Growth and Deficit Reduction, September 19, 2011

  • “…The plan [The American Jobs Act - text included in this report] also realizes more than $1 trillion in savings over the next 10 years from our draw downs in Afghanistan and Iraq. And the plan calls for the Congress to undertake comprehensive tax reform that lowers tax rates, closes loopholes, boosts job creation here at home, cuts the deficit by $1.5 trillion, and observes the Buffett Rule—that people making more than $1 million a year should not pay a smaller share of their income in taxes than middle-class families pay. To assist the Committee in its work, I also included specific tax loophole closers and measures to broaden the tax base. Together with the expiration of the high-income tax cuts from 2001 and 2003, these measures would be more than enough to reach this $1.5 trillion target. They include cutting tax preferences for high-income households, eliminating tax breaks for oil and gas companies, closing the carried interest loophole for investment fund managers, and eliminating benefits for those who use corporate jets.”
  • Fact Sheet: The American Jobs Act and the text of the American Jobs Act of 2011
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