UK Report Reviews Surveillance in 2006 With Projections Through 2016

by Sabrina I. Pacifici on November 2, 2006

The UK Information Commissioner, Richard Thomas, today issued a press release and a publication titled, A Surveillance Society (102 pages, PDF), a report commissioned for the International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners, currently underway. The report “looks at surveillance in 2006 and projects forward ten years to 2016. It describes a surveillance society as one where technology is extensively and routinely used to track and record our activities and movements. This includes systematic tracking and recording of travel and use of public services, automated use of CCTV, analysis of buying habits and financial transactions, and the work-place monitoring of telephone calls, email and internet use. This can often be in ways which are invisible or not obvious to ordinary individuals as they are watched and monitored, and the report shows how pervasive surveillance looks set to accelerate in the years to come.”

  • A report on the surveillance society
  • A report on the surveillance society – appendices
  • A report on the surveillance society – public discussion document
  • A report on the surveillance society – summary
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