White House Posts Regulation Reform Initiatives From Two Dozen Agencies

by Sabrina I. Pacifici on May 27, 2011

White House Regulation Reform: “Earlier this year, President Obama outlined his plan to create a 21st-century regulatory system – one protects public health and welfare while promoting economic growth, innovation, competitiveness, and job creation. His Executive Order on Regulation, in short, said the following: Always consider costs and ways to reduce burdens for American businesses when developing rules; expand opportunities for public participation and public comment; and ensure that regulations are driven by real science. The President also called for an unprecedented government-wide review of regulations already on the books. As a result of that review, more than two dozen agencies have identified initiatives to reduce burdens and save money. Read the agency plans [posted in PDF] and and share your comments, feedback and questions [using Slideshare].”

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