White House Releases 2010 National Drug Control Strategy

by Sabrina I. Pacifici on May 11, 2010

President Obama: “I am pleased to transmit the 2010 National Drug Control Strategy, a blueprint for reducing illicit drug use and its harmful consequences in America. I am committed to restoring balance in our efforts to combat the drug problems that plague our communities. While I remain steadfast in my commitment to continue our strong enforcement efforts, especially along the southwest border, I directed the Office of National Drug Control Policy to reengage in efforts to prevent drug use and addiction and to make treatment available for those who seek recovery. This new, balanced approach will expand efforts for the three critical ways that we can address the drug problem: prevention, treatment, and law enforcement. Drug use endangers the health and safety of every American, depletes financial and human resources, and deadens the spirit of many of our communities. Whether struggling with an addiction, worrying about a loved one’s substance abuse, or being a victim of drug-related crime, millions of people in this country live with the devastating impact of illicit drug use every day. This stark reality demands a new direction in drug policy — one based on common sense, sound science, and practical experience. That is why my new strategy includes efforts to educate young people who are the most at-risk about the dangers of substance abuse, allocates unprecedented funding for treatment efforts in federally qualified health centers, reinvigorates drug courts and other criminal justice innovations, and strengthens our enforcement efforts to rid our streets of the drug dealers who infect our communities.”

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