Who's Watching You on the Web?

by Sabrina I. Pacifici on September 20, 2002

Bay Total Service Provider (BayTSP does not support a functioning web site. So why should you care about this company? Perhaps because they may well indeed know alot about your Web usage.
BayTSP is a heavy-weight contractor whose lucrative services involve enforcement of the Digital Millennium Act on behalf of private corporations as well as the government. Recording and software companies (such as Adobe) use BayTSP to establish violations of their intellectual property (via the illegal copying and digital distribution of their applications and services). The government uses the company to identify those who are using the web to distribute child pornography, and the FBI has enlisted their assistance in the ‘war against terrorism.’
In a Wired article from June, Ishikaw boasted that “since June 2000 his company has found over a million copyright violations for its clients.”

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