With Earth Day Approaching, FTC Offers Energy-Saving Tips

by Sabrina I. Pacifici on April 17, 2012

News release: “Earth Day is almost here, so if you still need an idea for a good way to take part, why not start by learning more about saving energy? It can benefit the environment and save you some money on your energy bills. Whether you’re looking to buy new windows, a new appliance, or light bulbs, or to get your gas dollars to go further, the FTC has tips to help you make smart decisions about your energy use. Visit ftc.gov/earthday for more on:

  • Shopping for new windows — Learn more about what to consider before you replace your home’s windows, and what factors could affect your energy savings.

  • Shopping for light bulbs — Find out how understanding lumens and the Lighting Facts label can help you choose the most energy-efficient bulb to meet your lighting needs. You also can check out the FTC’s Shopping for Light Bulbs video.
  • Appliance shopping — See how anyone shopping for an appliance can use EnergyGuide labels to compare the energy use of different models.
  • Saving money at the pump — Read bumper-to-bumper tips to help you get more mileage out of your gas purchases.”
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