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Daily Archives: December 17, 2019

New on LLRX – Some Random Tips for Writing Better Blog Posts

Via LLRX – Some Random Tips for Writing Better Blog Posts – Attorney, award winning legal blogger, legal journalist and legal technologist Robert Ambrogi shares his vast knowledge and insights for crafting effective blog postings. Every blogger will benefit from reading and applying his suggestions to improve content, format and overall value to effectively deliver… Continue Reading

The colleges and universities with the most online students in 2018

Inside Higher Ed – The Biggest Movers Online – “Federal data show the colleges and universities with the most students enrolled online in 2018 — and which institutions grew and shrank from the year before. The Education Department’s annual release of data about postsecondary enrollments is a font of information — and we’ve already mined it… Continue Reading

The Neuroscience of Trust

HBR – Paul J. Zak – “Companies are twisting themselves into knots to empower and challenge their employees. They’re anxious about the sad state of engagement, and rightly so, given the value they’re losing. Consider Gallup’s meta-analysis of decades’ worth of data: It shows that high engagement—defined largely as having a strong connection with one’s… Continue Reading

You Might Be Buying Trash on Amazon—Literally [paywall – but includes a video that is free to watch] – You Might Be Buying Trash on Amazon—Literally. Dumpster divers say it’s easy to list discarded toys, electronics and books on the retailer’s platform. So we decided to try…”Just about anyone can open a store on and sell just about anything. Just… Continue Reading

President’s letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi denounces Impeachment

Politico – “On the eve of his likely impeachment, President Donald Trump has opted to act as his own defense lawyer. In a six-page, stream of consciousness diatribe sent to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and released by the White House on Tuesday afternoon, Trump denounced the Democrats’ two articles of impeachment—abuse of power and obstruction… Continue Reading

Cracking Student Silos: Linking Legal Writing and Clinical Learning Through Transference

Mary Nicol Bowman & Lisa Brodoff, Cracking Student Silos: Linking Legal Writing and Clinical Learning Through Transference, 25 Clinical L. Rev. 269 (2019) [via Mary Whisner] – “Why do highly competent and hard-working law students struggle to apply what they learn in legal writing to later clinical courses and law practice? The authors of this… Continue Reading

November 2019 issue of LLRX

Nov 2019 – 5 new articles and 5 new columns on® – the free web journal on law, technology, knowledge discovery and research for Librarians, Lawyers, Researchers, Academics, and Journalists. Founded in 1996, 2020 Guide to Web Data Extractors – This guide by Marcus P. Zillman is a comprehensive listing of web data extractors,… Continue Reading