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2020’s record voter turnout in the US is still lower than many other countries

Quartz: “At least 158.8 million people voted in this year’s US presidential election. That’s some 20 million more than the 137.5 million Americans who voted in 2016, and 25 million more than the 132.9 million who voted in 2012. The big difference in this election was that close to 102 million people voted early—either in person or by mail. (These are provisional tallies provided by the United States Election Project, which is run by Michael McDonald, an associate professor of political science at University of Florida.) While the final voter turnout count won’t be official until each state has certified every ballot and resolved outstanding disputes (which, according to the US Constitution, must happen by Dec. 8), we already know that Americans turned out to vote in record numbers this year, which is good news. And yet, those numbers are still far below voter turnout in other major rich countries…”

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