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Daily Archives: December 20, 2021

Global Foresight 2022

“Welcome to the inaugural edition of a new annual report from the Atlantic Council’s Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security, home for the last decade to one of the world’s premier strategic foresight shops. In this year’s installment, which is part of the Atlantic Council Strategy Papers series, Mathew Burrows and Anca Agachi identify ten trends that are transforming the world and guide you through three divergent visions for what world those trends could produce by 2030. Burrows and Robert A. Manning pick the top twelve risks and opportunities awaiting the world in the coming year, assessing the likelihood that each will occur. And Peter Engelke spots six “snow leopards”—under-the-radar phenomena that could have major unexpected impacts, for better or worse, in 2022 and beyond.”

The most popular Wikipedia article for every day in 2021

Quartz: “In 2021, readers of English Wikipedia were most focused on notable deaths, American politics and political institutions, sports, and topics inspired by popular entertainment. It was the same story last year. And yet, none of the most popular Wikipedia pages in 2021 were related to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, according to Quartz’s analysis of… Continue Reading

PL Henderson explores how cycling has helped women’s emancipation. “Cycling is booming, in a revolution activated as a social side effect of the global pandemic. A pedal-powered response to the events of 2020 saw sales of bikes in the UK rise by 60% at the beginning of the first lockdown. Meanwhile, in Europe, in order to cater for the increased bicycle use, millions… Continue Reading

Lynx: A knowledge-based AI service platform for content processing, enrichment and analysis for the legal domain

Science Direct (paywall) Julián Moreno Schneider, Georg Rehm, Elena Montiel-Ponsoda, Víctor Rodríguez-Doncel, Pascual Boil Ballesteros. Available online 6 December 2021 “The EU-funded project Lynx focuses on the creation of a knowledge graph for the legal domain (Legal Knowledge Graph, LKG) and its use for the semantic processing, analysis and enrichment of documents from the legal… Continue Reading

Legal Information Retrieval systems: State-of-the-art and open issues

Science Direct [paywall]. Carlo Sansone, Giancarlo Sperlí. Available online 6 December 2021. Legal Information Retrieval systems: State-of-the-art and open issues – “In the last years, the legal domain has been revolutionized by the use of Information and Communication Technologies, producing large amount of digital information. Legal practitioners’ needs, then, in browsing these repositories has required… Continue Reading

6 epidemiologists on how omicron is and isn’t changing their holiday plans

Vox: “With the omicron variant causing huge surges of Covid-19 infection, many of us are anxiously reconsidering our holiday plans. Is air travel safe? Can we still hug our parents? How should we think about testing? What about holiday parties? I asked six epidemiologists how omicron is and isn’t changing their near-term plans. Most were… Continue Reading

President Biden Announces New Actions to Protect Americans and Help Communities and Hospitals Battle Omicron

Fact Sheet: “…Increased Support for Hospitals: The President will take several steps to ensure states and health systems across the country have the personnel, beds, and supplies they need as they battle rising Omicron hospitalizations, mostly among the unvaccinated. Today’s steps build on the President’s Winter Plan, which made over 60 Winter COVID-19 emergency response… Continue Reading

The ‘most serious’ security breach ever is unfolding right now. Here’s what you need to know.

Washington Post: “Much of the Internet, from Amazon’s cloud to connected TVs, is riddled with the log4j vulnerability, and has been for years…The fact that log4j is such a ubiquitous piece of software is what makes this such a big deal. Imagine if a common type of lock used by millions of people to keep… Continue Reading

5 tech trends that will impact businesses well beyond 2022

Tech Republic: “Understanding the impact of technology on businesses and society at large is hard. This year’s annual Thoughtworks Looking Glass report attempts to put a broad range of technologies into perspective so business leaders can get an idea of where tech is taking them.  The report takes a holistic approach to analyzing the impact… Continue Reading