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Adult Prospective Students Lacking the Information to Make Best College Choices

“Adults who are deciding whether to return to college or to enroll for the first time have numerous sources of information and other support available to inform their decisions. But they’re not using those resources and may not even know about them, according to a new report – Is College Worth It for Me? How Adults Without Degrees Think about Going (Back) to School, from Public Agenda. Education leaders and policymakers must do a better job connecting students with informational resources and demonstrating their value, the research suggests. These adults, who have often spent years in the workforce before returning for post-high school credentials, account for about a third of first-time college students in the United States, federal data show. But they may be making school or program-of-study selections while lacking information they don’t know is available, can’t find or don’t think is important. Without better knowledge about their future educations and schools, adult prospective students may not be selecting institutions or programs of study that best fits their academic, financial, professional and social needs.  According to the study, conducted with support from The Kresge Foundation, many prospective adult students seem to be unaware of or misinformed about key factors that could impact their success as they pursue associate or bachelor degrees or postsecondary certifications.”

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