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Alexa, Are You Spying On Me?

How To Prevent Your Smart Devices From Listening To You – “Lorrie Cranor, who is director of Carnegie Mellon University’s CyLab Usable Privacy and Security Laboratory, says…“A lot people feel invaded,”…“They say I understand that this device, this thermostat or whatever is listening to me, but it’s a machine. I don’t care, but if they know that a person is listening, that takes it to a different level.” She says smart speaker makers explain why they have people listen: “One of the reasons that they record it is to improve their systems. And part of how they do it is they have a human listen and basically grade the computer.” And in rare cases, smart speaker recordings have actually wound up in court. “There have been murder cases and other types of court cases, where those recordings have been subpoenaed,” said Cranor. “So they could come back to haunt you or to save you, depending on which side you’re on!”…

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