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Animation Maps Two Centuries of US Immigration

“Metrocosm is [a]collection of maps and other data visualization projects — trying to make sense of the world through numbers created by Max Galka, a guy who is fascinated by data. [His] latest project Blueshift is a tool for designing dynamic maps, like some of the ones I post here. My other current project, FOIA Mapper, aims to open up hidden government databases using the Freedom of Information Act. I also teach data wrangling / data visualization at the University of Pennsylvania (PennDesign). And I write about data visualization as a Guardian and Huffington Post contributor.”  As described by FastCompany, Galka also has a high impact project that is very timely – a “new animation maps the path of the 79 million people who came to the U.S. over the last two centuries and became permanent residents (it doesn’t include people who were forced to come as slaves, mapped here, or undocumented immigrants). Each dot represents 10,000 people.”

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