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Global Warming Bringing More Extreme Heat Waves

Global Warming Bringing More Extreme Heat Waves – More Extremely Hot Days Projected – 30 Large Cities Especially Vulnerable, Published August 25, 2009: “More extremely hot summer days are projected for every part of the country, detailed in a new report from the National Wildlife Federation and Physicians for Social Responsibility. To explain the bigger… Continue Reading

CBO – The Budget and Economic Outlook: An Update

The Budget and Economic Outlook: An Update 2009 Budget Projections (pdf) Economic Projections (pdf) Economic Projections (xls) Data for Figures 2-1, 2-10, 2-12 (xls) Comparison of CBO’s Baseline and OMB’s Mid-Session Review (pdf) Details of CBO’s Year-by-Year Forecast and Projections for Calendar Years 2009 to 2019 (Along with data for 1950 to 2006) (xls) Key… Continue Reading

Side-by-side Comparison of the Bush and Obama Administration Releases on Torture

News release: “Today, the National Security Archive posted a side-by-side comparison of two very different versions of a 2004 report on the CIA’s “Counterterrorism Detention and Interrogation Activities” by Agency Inspector General John Helgerson. Yesterday, the Obama administration released new portions of the report including considerably more information about the use of torture and other… Continue Reading

Mid-Session Review, Budget of the U.S. Government – Fiscal Year 2010

Mid-Session Review Budget of the U.S. Government, Fiscal Year 2010. Office of Management and Budget: “When the President took office, the Nation was experiencing the worst financial and economic crisis since the Great Depression. This decline was not simply the result of a normal downturn in the business cycle; also contributing to it were irresponsible… Continue Reading

NIST Guidelines recommends best practices for next generation of portable biometric acquisition devices

“A new publication that recommends best practices for the next generation of portable biometric acquisition devices—Mobile ID—has been published by Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Devices that gather, process and transmit an individual’s biometric data—fingerprints, facial and iris images—for identification are proliferating. Previous work on standards for these biometric devices has focused… Continue Reading

CCR, Amnesty and NYU Receive Docs Cheney Wanted Declassified to Justify Torture

News release: “The [redacted] documents [below] were released through FOIA litigation by the Center for Constitutional Rights, Amnesty International USA, and the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice at New York University School of Law seeking disclosure of information concerning “disappeared” detainees, including “ghost” and unregistered prisoners. The original FOIA requests were filed with… Continue Reading

Guidance Notes on Services for the Urban Poor: A practical guide for improving water and sanitation services

World Bank: “Giving poor people a say in the water and sanitation services they receive, and allowing alternative documentation to prove residence are some of the simple solutions that can bring sustainable water and sanitation services to the hundreds of millions currently living without, according to a new report released by the Water and Sanitation… Continue Reading

Total U.S. Bankruptcies Up 36 Percent in First Half of 2009; Chapter 11 Business Filings Increase 113 Percent

News release: “The total number of U.S. bankruptcies filed during the first six months of 2009 increased 36 percent over the same six month period in 2008, according to data released by the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts. Total filings reached 711,550 during the first half of the calendar year of 2009 (January 1-June… Continue Reading

Secretary of Commerce Locke Approves Fisheries Plan for Arctic

News release: “U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke today approved a plan to prohibit the expansion of commercial fishing in federal Arctic waters until researchers gather sufficient information on fish and the Arctic marine environment to prevent adverse impacts of commercial harvesting activity on the ecosystem. “As Arctic sea ice recedes due to climate change,… Continue Reading