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A Great Economy Will Not Guarantee Reelection

Axios – What the 2018 Midterms Mean for Succeeding in Washington: “Last week’s election participation by eligible voters was 49.2%, according to the latest available figures — the highest for a midterm election in 104 years (since 50.4% in 1914), according to figures analyzed by lobbyist Bruce Mehlman.

  • Mehlman says the last time turnout approached this level was 1966 (48.7%) — another time when “rising income inequality, insufficient economic competition, accelerating new technologies, rapid demographic changes, and new geopolitics left voters hunger for change.”
  • See Bruce’s full deck.

Google, Facebook, and Amazon benefit from an outdated definition of “monopoly”

Quartz: “…big tech companies have amassed so much power that even Apple CEO Tim Cook has called for stricter regulations to be placed on them. Google owns 92% market share of internet searches, Facebook an almost 70% share of social networks. Both have a duopoly in advertising with no credible competition or regulation. Amazon, meanwhile,… Continue Reading

ICE Is Imprisoning a Record 44,000 People

Daily Beast – Congress told the immigration agency to reduce its detentions. Instead, ICE detained more people than ever, The Daily Beast has learned. Where did it find the money? “The number of people detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement has hit an all-time high, according to recent statistics reviewed by The Daily Beast. That… Continue Reading

Women and representation

“Even with a few races yet to be concluded, one clear winner emerged from the latest US election: representation. Specifically, female representation. Nearly 4,000 women ran in federal and state races—an unprecedented number. In the House, 102 women have already been confirmed, with seven more still in the running. In the Senate, 23 women will… Continue Reading

How to Track Specific Changes to Legislation with Email Alerts

In Custodia Legis – Search Tip – How to Track Specific Changes to Legislation with Email Alerts: “The team recently improved saved search alerts for legislation. This improvement applies to searches that are performed from the legislation homepage search form and the advanced search form. Initially, saved search alerts for legislation provided you with a… Continue Reading

6 Types of Misinformation to Beware of on Election Day

The New York Times – 6 Types of Misinformation to Beware of on Election Day. (And What to Do if You Spot Them.) “False stories, misleading ads and suspicious mailers are an unfortunate feature of most modern political campaigns. But there is another type of misinformation to worry about on Tuesday: the type that strikes… Continue Reading

More Now Say It’s ‘Stressful’ to Discuss Politics With People They Disagree With

“Over the past two years, Americans have become more likely to say it is “stressful and frustrating” to have political conversations with those they disagree with. The change in opinions has come largely among Democrats: 57% now say that talking about politics with people they disagree with is stressful and frustrating, up from 45% two… Continue Reading

CRS Report – Presidential Disability Under the Twenty – Fifth Amendment

Via Secrecy News: “Under the 25th amendment to the Constitution, a U.S. President could be declared “disabled” and removed from office against his will by the Vice President acting together with a majority of the Cabinet. A new report from the Congressional Research Service details the background and provisions of the amendment. Proponents of the 25th… Continue Reading

Are you ballot ready?

Oxford University Press Blog: “The 2018 midterm elections could see the highest turnout for a midterm since the mid-1960s, another time of cultural and social upheaval. Michael McDonald, Professor of Political Science at the University of Florida, predicted to NPR that “between 45-50 percent of eligible voters will cast a ballot.” The Trump presidency has… Continue Reading

Settled Law: Birthright Citizenship and the 14th Amendment

The Claremont Institute – Settled Law: Birthright Citizenship And The 14th Amendment by John Yoovia The American Mind. Friday, November 2, 2018 “…The 14th Amendment. According to the best reading of its text, structure, and history, anyone born on American territory, no matter their national origin, ethnicity or station in life, is an American citizen. While… Continue Reading

The Midterm Stakes: A Brief Primer

Medium: “…If Republicans hold the House of Representatives, they will claim a mandate for the party to expand Trump’s refashioning of American politics along nationalist, authoritarian lines. If Democrats pry the chamber from their hands, it would signal a rebuke to the excesses of the Trump era and provide them the tools to slow the… Continue Reading

Wyden Releases Discussion Draft of Legislation to Provide Real Protections for Americans’ Privacy

Bill Requires Radical Transparency About How Corporations Share, Sell and Use Your Data; Creates Tough Penalties and Jail Time for Executives – “Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., released a discussion draft of sweeping new legislation that would empower consumers to control their personal information, create radical transparency into how corporations use and share their data, and… Continue Reading