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How politicians target you: 3,000 data points on every voter, including your phone number

Washington Post – “Our quest to find what politicians know about voters uncovered data troves with intimate information about income, debt, family, religion, gun ownership and a whole lot more…I’ve been on a crusade to find out what politicians know about me. So over the past few months, I’ve used California’s new data privacy law to force companies that specialize in collecting my personal information for campaigns to show me the data. What I learned: Privacy may be a cornerstone of American liberty, but politicians on both sides of the aisle have zero problem invading it. In fiercely competitive races, campaigns see our data as their edge. The Republican National Committee proudly told me it now has more than 3,000 data points on every voter. The Democratic National Committee said it acquires enough to understand you as a person, including unique identifiers from your phone that can be used to target ads across different apps. Politicians have long had special access to voter registration and participation data, which they use to plot strategy, run polls and coordinate volunteers. But in recent years, they’ve also begun tapping into commercial data brokers and murkier social media and smartphone tracking techniques. The scandal that erupted around Cambridge Analytica, which scraped data from Facebook while working for Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, was just the tip of the iceberg…”

Apple, Google and a Deal That Controls the Internet

The New York Times – In a landmark antitrust complaint, the Justice Department is targeting a secretive partnership that is worth billions of dollars to both companies. “…Last Tuesday, the Justice Department filed a landmark lawsuit against Google — the U.S. government’s biggest antitrust case in two decades — and homed in on the alliance… Continue Reading

United States of America, General Elections, 3 November 2020: Interim Report

Politico: “The first 2020 U.S. election report by international observers makes for sober reading, Ryan Heath emails us. The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe — which has 47 member countries including the U.S. — has deployed 30 experts around the U.S. to monitor all aspects of the election through October. While that’s well… Continue Reading

Where to Find Public Records Online

Life Hacker – “You can use the internet to find almost anything: a good restaurant, a recording of a half-remembered old commercial, recommendations for a good book, a podcast about basically anything, and yes, even public records. While our most private information (usually) can’t be found online, you can track down items like birth certificates,… Continue Reading

USPS IG Report – Operational Changes to Mail Delivery

“This report responds to an August 7, 2020, congressional request regarding concerns that Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s modifications to U.S. Postal Service staffing and policies had an adverse effect on Postal Service operations, leading to slower and less reliable mail delivery. This report also responds to a number of recent similar congressional requests. We are… Continue Reading

How to Make PDF Workflow and Conversion Easier with PDFBear

Make Use Of: “When you create a PDF document containing any type of data, it’ll always display the data in exactly the same way no matter which device you’re using. Modern browsers have all the essential PDF technologies to display and navigate PDF’s easily. With so many apps available, why should we bother with another… Continue Reading

Password protect PDF files, Google Documents, Sheets, and Google Slides

Google Workspace Marketplace – “And remove password protection from encrypted files. Easily protect any PDF file in your Google Drive with a password and add restrictions around printing, commenting, and annotations. Send the encrypted PDF files via email without leaving Google Drive. The PDF toolbox can also password protect native Google file formats include Google… Continue Reading

How to beat bad ballot design and make sure your vote counts

Washington Post – “…“Every year we seem to have one or two big, horrible problems that make the news,” said Whitney Quesenbery, executive director of the Center for Civic Design, the go-to organization for creating voter-friendly election materials. But even if your county ends up being that county, you don’t have to let the ballot… Continue Reading

Pete Recommends – Weekly highlights on cyber security issues, October 10, 2020

Via LLRX – Pete Recommends – Weekly highlights on cyber security issues, October 10, 2020 – Privacy and security issues impact every aspect of our lives – home, work, travel, education, health and medical records – to name but a few. On a weekly basis Pete Weiss, highlights articles and information that focus on the increasingly… Continue Reading