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The Battle for Digital Privacy Is Reshaping the Internet

The New York Times – “Apple introduced a pop-up window for iPhones in April that asks people for their permission to be tracked by different apps. Google recently outlined plans to disable a tracking technology in its Chrome web browser. And Facebook said last month that hundreds of its engineers were working on a new method of showing ads without relying on people’s personal data. The developments may seem like technical tinkering, but they were connected to something bigger: an intensifying battle over the future of the internet. The struggle has entangled tech titans, upended Madison Avenue and disrupted small businesses. And it heralds a profound shift in how people’s personal information may be used online, with sweeping implications for the ways that businesses make money digitally. At the center of the tussle is what has been the internet’s lifeblood: advertising…”

The 2021 Glass Ceiling Report – Law360

The 2021 Glass Ceiling Report – Law360 [Subscription required] “Law Firms Say They Support Women, But Are Nowhere Near Closing The Gender Gap The legal profession is still overwhelmingly male, with policies skewed in their favor…Law firms are facing renewed calls to step up their efforts on equity and inclusion. But when it comes to… Continue Reading

How to create a business page on Facebook

Mashable: “Facebook is infamous for the numerous ways in which folks use — and misuse — the platform, from your uncle sharing conspiracy theories to your roommate selling your couch on Marketplace. There’s one tool Facebook offers that is almost unilaterally helpful to users, though, and that’s the option for business owners to create a… Continue Reading

Scholarly Impact of Law School Faculties in 2021: Updating the Leiter Score Ranking for the Top Third

Sisk, Gregory C. and Catlin, Nicole and Anderson, Alexandra and Gunderson, Lauren, Scholarly Impact of Law School Faculties in 2021: Updating the Leiter Score Ranking for the Top Third (2021). U of St. Thomas (Minnesota) Legal Studies Research Paper Forthcoming, Available at SSRN: or “This updated 2021 study explores the scholarly impact of… Continue Reading

Buying Legal Tech Is Becoming Like High Street Shopping

Artificial Lawyer: “First we have the ‘own-brand megastores’. These are like the flagship stores of Apple or Microsoft on Regent Street in London. They primarily sell one brand’s products and those products are designed to fit together. They may work with other companies’ systems – out of necessity – but the goal is to offer… Continue Reading

Atlas of Strategy Traps

BCG Henderson Institute: “The exploration versus exploitation trade-off is at the heart of all business strategy. Learn to navigate the course using this atlas, which will help identify the sirens (warning signs) to avoid and the lighthouses (best practices) to look for. Guided by the experience of famous explorers and inventors, you can make timely… Continue Reading

What is the difference between current awareness and horizon scanning?

Vable: “Legal professionals are busy people. They are concerned with doing the best they can for their clients and making sure that their business runs smoothly. Trend spotting or horizon scanning isn’t necessarily at the top of their daily “to do” lists but if they want to grow the firm effectively, everyone – from trainee… Continue Reading

Explainable artificial intelligence, lawyer’s perspective

Explainable artificial intelligence, lawyer’s perspective. Authors: Łukasz Górski, Shashishekar Ramakrishna ICAIL ’21: Proceedings of the Eighteenth International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law June 2021 Pages 60–68 Published:21 June 2021 “Explainable artificial intelligence (XAI) is a research direction that was already put under scrutiny, in particular in the AI&Law community. Whilst there were notable developments… Continue Reading

The Anti-vaccine Con Job Is Becoming Untenable

The Atlantic – Why targets of deliberate deception often hesitate to admit they’ve been deceived – “…In Missouri and other red states, vaccine refusal on partisan grounds has become a defining marker of community affiliation. Acceptance within some circles is contingent on refusal to cooperate with the Biden administration’s public-health campaign. Getting vaccinated is a… Continue Reading